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A Joseph Brant Hospital Story : Luis Vargas
When Luis Vargas came down with a cold in late November , he had no idea how serious his condition was going to become .
“ I was working hard at my job and was always on the go . I started to feel sick ,” he said . “ I was coming down with a cold , and I thought that this was normal from working so hard , but then the cold turned into the flu .”
In early December , Luis visited his family doctor , who diagnosed him with pneumonia and prescribed him antibiotics . “ My doctor told me to see him in a week for a follow-up . But despite taking antibiotics , each day , I was getting worse . My sense of taste was all over the place , I was hallucinating , out of breath , I had a fever and was sweating . It was a nightmare ,” recalled Luis , “ I felt like I was dying .”
On the advice of his family doctor , Luis came to the Emergency Department and he was immediately admitted to the ICU . After a series of tests , Luis
“ I fell in love with the staff at Joseph Brant Hospital . The level of passion and care was incredibly genuine .”
was diagnosed with Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome and Influenza A , and was placed on a ventilator with a breathing tube the next day . For the next 12 days , Luis was in an induced coma .
“ The next thing I remember was waking up in the ICU to a conversation between the nurses and Dr . Prodger ,” said Luis .
A short time later his breathing tube was removed and he spent Christmas at the hospital recovering . “ I fell in love with the staff at Joseph Brant Hospital . The level of passion and care was incredibly genuine .”
Luis comments how he remembers seeing the hospital ’ s CARE values in his room . “ I remember seeing the words compassion , accountability , respect and excellence , and I received all of that . I ’ m thankful for Dr . Prodger and the entire critical care team . They all changed my life because of their care and love .”
Reflecting on his life-changing experience , Luis expressed the immense gratitude he has for his entire healthcare team at Joseph Brant Hospital . “ When something like this happens to you , you think about how silly the rhythm of life can be . We need to find a balance , breathe and enjoy life ,” said Luis .
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