Jasmine's Place Issue No. 1 - September/October 2012 - Page 6

INSPIRATIONAL Covered With Feathers Amy Michelle Wiley “Mama, I’m scared.” Her big brown eyes were dark against the white hospital walls. “I know, Mandy.” I shifted and took her small hand, surprised that mine was even colder than hers. “But we prayed that God would guide the doctor’s hands while he does the operation, remember? And that He would hold you and me tightly in His hands?” Mandy nodded slowly. “Grandma and Grandpa will be here tonight!” I reminded her. “They are flying here right now.” The first glimmer of a smile appeared on her face. I heard voices in the hall and glanced toward the door. Soon the nurse would be coming to prepare for the surgery. Suddenly Mandy grasped me, her voice urgent. “But I haven’t finished memorizing the verse, yet!” “Which verse, honey?” “The one about God covering us with His wings…like the birdie who built her nest on the front porch sits on her babies to keep them warm and safe.” JASMINE'S PLACE 6