Jasmine's Place Issue No. 1 - September/October 2012 - Page 27

Dig Dig Digging … Margaret Mayo & Alex Ayliffe A touch-and-feel book about big machines. Baby’s Potty Felicity Brooks & Rachel Wells 'I can sit on my potty? Can you do too?' are the last words in this sweet book that gently introduces little ones to potty training. Listen as the star of the book, Baby, wisely educates his buddies, Bunny the rabbit and Fido the dog, that the potty is neither a fruit bowl, a bed or dog bowl - and then proceeds to show them what it is meant for. Young children will enjoy running their fingers on the different textures in this book ranging from earth and tyres to hay. Young children will also enjoy 'feeling' the 'textures' in the lovely rhyming text - dig, dig, digging; pull, pull, pulling; shovel, shovel, shovelling etc. This is an enjoyable and educational book on many levels. Enjoy it! It has got bold and clear illustrations and a cut-out of the baby that your little one can move and slot into each page (like a puzzle piece). A fun interactive book! JASMINE'S PLACE 28