Jasmine's Place Issue No. 1 - September/October 2012 - Page 24

INSPIRATIONAL I’ll Fly Away Pam Ford Davis Less than an hour ago, I stood gazing through my kitchen window at two birds in our lawn. I'm accustomed to seeing the colorful creatures as they stop by on their way to other landing pads. I am not a birder, and only readily recognize robins, red birds and blue jays. Viewing a blue jay today, I paid little attention to my Creator's lawn ornaments, until the second bird caught my eye. I am quite sure it was a redheaded woodpecker; I've only seen them at a distance, hard at work pecking into bark of trees. I raised my blind and left the kitchen to find my camera. Returning, I learned both birds had flown away in my absence. Though I was disappointed, I realized we could learn a thing or two from birds. There are times when raging winds and storm clouds of adversity nearly propel us into space. Storms build upon the horizon, and foreboding clouds threaten to rain on our parade. JASMINE'S PLACE 25