Jasmine's Place Issue No. 1 - September/October 2012 - Page 12

about what she was about to do. A slight rustling of the reeds around her told her Miriam had returned. “Mama, come, I’ve found a good spot.” She heard Aaron crying before she got into the door. She wasn’t surprised, in the last three months, Aaron had raced to Moses’s side as soon as he woke up. Every single morning. “Mama, where’s Moses?” Her eyes met Amram’s as she stepped into the house. “As usual?” Jochebed gripped the basket tighter. “I can’t do this.” Amram nodded and handed Aaron to her. “Mama, where’s Moses?” Miriam grabbed her mother’s hands urgently. “We have to Mama. It’s the only way. Papa said so. Come, Mama, before he wakes up. Come!” As soon as Jochebed placed the basket in the river, the tension went. The pain around her face left. What replaced them was a deep cold that appeared to emanate right from the centre of her being. Dragging herself up