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Tennis bracelets , that staple of the jewelry box of mothers and grandmothers , are staging a comeback with generations Y and Z , jewelers said .
“ It ’ s a classic piece of jewelry . Every so many years in our industry , it makes a comeback . In fact , for Christmas , Brandon made a tennis bracelet for his mother this year . His father David Charles Bruno Sr . always made his mother , Jackie Bruno , a custom piece of jewelry each year for Christmas , and this year Brandon worked on it with his father before he passed away and he finalized it , and he and his brother David presented it to his mother for Christmas ,” Tonianne Perry , manager of David Charles Jewelers , said .
In addition to being fashionable and the perfect gift for a special occasion , the tennis bracelet also provides an excellent way to showcase heirloom stones , Perry said .
“ Sometimes it represents an anniversary — they ’ ll want 30 stones for a 30th anniversary . A diamond is always a symbol of love . You can take family heirloom stones and turn it into a diamond bracelet ,” Perry said .
Tennis bracelets are surging in popularity in recent times because they represent tradition and classic beauty . According to cosmopolitan . com , the

Diamond tennis bracelets make a comeback



bracelet was referred to as an eternity bracelet until the one tennis star Chris Evert was wearing fell off during the U . S . Open and caused a sensation and created a new name for the bracelet . During the years since , the popularity of the tennis bracelet has gone up and down , but it has never disappeared .
“ It ’ s a classic . It ’ s not going away . It ’ s here to stay … It goes with blue jeans and classy looks — you can pretty much wear it with anything ,” Brand Jewelers owner Anthony Brandolini said . Now a new generation has discovered the tennis bracelet .
“ It ’ s probably because they saw their mother or grandmother wearing it . You go back to what you know and what you see in your family ,” Perry said .
Brandolini said tennis bracelets were in demand during the recent holiday season .
“ We sold a lot of tennis bracelets at Christmastime in the two to four carat range — so we ordered a lot more . We have them in white gold , yellow gold and rose gold ,” he said .
If you are purchasing your first tennis bracelet , you won ’ t have to wait — jewelry stores have them on hand and are ready to help you customize the piece any way you want .
“ We always have some on hand , and of course we do a lot of custom work here ,” Perry said .
Jake Spigelman , who owns Jay Roberts Jewelers in Marlton with Jay Golde , said tennis bracelets ’ versatility have helped increase demand for them in recent years .
“ I think it ’ s a piece you can wear every day , whether you ’ re dressed up or dressed down . In today ’ s world , people are focusing on pieces they can wear no matter what they are wearing or where they are going ,” Spigelman said .
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