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After the acquisition is complete the Town plans to make improvements to several stream and wetland crossings on the Property that are currently impeding flow and potentially impeding aquatic passage. The property includes approximately 22.5 acres of a high transmissivity aquifer that is located in the area of Hittytity Brook. This aquifer has been considered as a potential water supply by the Town due to its productivity. Conserving this property will help preserve this potential future public water supply.

$89,000 for the acquisition and bank restoration on a 22 acre parcel located in Brookline along the Nissitissit River. A conservation easement will be placed on the property to be held by the Piscataquog Land Conservancy. Protection of the frontage and upland buffer is a high priority in the region since this is one of the last large sections of the river that has not been protected and it contains an impressive eastern brook trout fishery. The WAP depicts the property as being a combination of Highest Ranked Habitat in NH and Highest Ranked Habitat in Biological Region.

$83,850 for the purchase of a 7.6-acre property along the South Branch of the Piscataquog River in Francestown, and protect 33-acres with conservation easements donated by abutting landowners in support of this project. The project will permanently protect 2,155 linear feet of the South Branch of the Piscataquog River, its associated riparian and upland forest as well as eight acres of wetlands at the confluence of Brennan Brook. The Brennan Brook-South Branch Confluence Project connects to and enhances the ecological function of over 4,500 acres of biologically diverse protected land.

$8,260 to permanently protect the Hitchiner Town Forest in Milford with a conservation easement to be held by the New England Forestry Foundation (NEFF). The upland on the property is considered of “Highest Ranked Habitat in the Biological Region” in the WAP. A chestnut oak forest/woodland occupies approximately 30 acres on the upper slopes of Milford’s Hitchiner Town Forest property. This forest type reaches the northern extent of its range in New Hampshire, and is ranked S1/S2 (imperiled/critically imperiled) in the state. Much of the land surrounding the Town Forest is under residential development and placing an easement on the property will sustain the natural landscape.

Lower Connecticut River Service Area:

$105,000 for the acquisition of the 72-acre Chamberlain property located on the southern shore of Sip Pond in the Town of Fitzwilliam. The predominant feature of the property is the wetland, which is part of the 352-acre Sip Pond Peatland Complex. The parcel has 2,200 feet of frontage on Sip Pond and 2,100 feet of frontage along Sip Pond Brook. The property is within two wellhead protection areas and ninety-five percent (68.6 acres) of the property overlies a stratified drift aquifer. This wetland complex represents one of the highest quality wetlands in Fitzwilliam, if not the region.

$168,500 to purchase 110 acres of forested property in Lebanon and place a permanent conservation easement on it, and convey it to the City in a simultaneous transaction with the seller. This project will protect 18.7 acres of wetlands, 1,300 linear feet of perennial stream, 855 feet of Mascoma River frontage, as well as an additional 2,400 linear feet of intermittent stream. The parcel lies north and adjacent to the 76+/- acre, permanently protected “Ticknor Woodland” property, owned by the City of Lebanon. The conservation easement will also ensure and provide for continued public access for low-impact activities consistent with overall aquatic resource protection.

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