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There ’ s a New Sheriff in Town

Mobile Device Scams and Frauds

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android or use Verizon , ATT , or T-Mobile , you should be aware of the newest scams and fraudulent activities involving mobile devices . Scammers and fraudsters are always creating new and more realistic ways of tricking us into giving up personal information or stealing money . The website , www . usa . gov / scams-and-frauds , published a detailed article , on January 30 , 2019 , on some of the common scams and frauds . The FBI also has a site dedicated to providing information on 23 different types of schemes , fraudulent activity , or scams : www . fbi . gov / scams-andsafety / common-fraud-schemes .
Similar to the steps taken to protect one ’ s identity , there are other technological measures you can take to protect your personal data , money , and electronic or mobile devices .
It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce your newest Chief of Police Services , Captain Virgil Asuncion !
Captain Asuncion brings to Laguna Niguel 20 years of law enforcement experience . He began his deputy career in Southwest Operations working the cities of Aliso Viejo and Laguna Niguel as a patrol deputy . He has worked various assignments such as the Orange County Sheriff ’ s
Academy , Internal Affairs , Field Operations , and Strategy Accountability Focus Evaluation ( SAFE ) Division .
Captain Asuncion has been on the forefront in 2020 , working the Emergency Operations Center during the pandemic , a platoon commander during the civil unrest , and the Unified Incident Commander during the Silverado and Blue Ridge Fires .
Captain Asuncion is excited to return to the place where he was given so many amazing opportunities , and looks forward to continuing the great relationship the Orange County Sheriff ’ s Department shares with the City of Laguna Niguel .
Please help us welcome Captain Asuncion to the City of Laguna Niguel !
Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to steal sensitive information . Phishing emails , surveys , and fake advertisements are a common practice scammers use because many people today have mobile devices .
Many of us use our mobile device to make online purchases , communicate with others , maintain activity calendars , and create a record of sorts . Some of the
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