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About Colliers We have one goal: Accelerate your success. 1.46B* IE COLL ICES IE COLL IE ICES IE CORE S CORE S ICES RV COLL S RV COUNTRIES R E S RV E R 63 ICES CORE S CORE S E S IN REVENUE S RV $2.1B R BROKERS PROFESSIONALS AND STAFF E $75B TRANSACTION VALUE R 15,800 SF UNDER MANAGEMENT OFFICES IE 485 With over 168 team members and $651 million in transactions, the company continues to grow and change with a dynamic market. Both brokerage and management divisions thrive with over 31 million square feet of transactions completed and 28 million square feet managed. COLL Colliers International | Ohio has evolved into one of the most significant companies in the commercial real estate market. We are committed to being a leader in the commercial real estate services industry and structure our organization in a manner that allows us to best serve our clients and accelerate their success. We are committed to innovation and our desire for continuous improvement. This enterprising spirit gives our team members the energy to think unconventionally and offer our clients unique solutions. Because of our desire to give clients an exceptional experience, Colliers | Ohio has seen tremendous growth and continues to be a leader throughout the Midwest. COLL C O L L I E R S IINTERNATIONAL A L COLLIERS N T E R N A T I O N R S