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“ What autism looks like ”

In an uplifting article published by HuffPost online , parents shared their experiences of what autism looks like . These stories made us smile . We hope they do the same for you . Source : https :// bit . ly / autismhp
“ Autism in our house is a big brother teaching little brothers his heavy work moves that they now do it together . Lego pieces as far as the eye can see but don ’ t you dare touch them . Pokémon cards as far as the eye can see but don ’ t you dare touch them . It ’ s limited hugs and ‘ I love you ’ s , but when they happen , they ’ re special . It ’ s worrying about the future and working at life skills every day , so he can be independent when the time comes . Celebration over little victories like new environments and people without a meltdown . Talking calmly through the meltdown , letting him know I ’ m here . Hurt feelings when friends / family / teachers don ’ t understand behaviors and think he ’ s misbehaved . Being a strong advocate in those situations when it would be easier to be angry at those who believe it ’ s misbehavior . It ’ s loving every minute I have with him and his brothers knowing we are doing the best we can .”
Amanda Casey / Facebook “ Autism in our household is many things . It ’ s unconditional love , it ’ s long emotional days , but most importantly it ’ s accepting different instead of ignoring and pretending it doesn ’ t exist . Autism is everything awesome and exhausting , but there ’ s nothing I would change about my son Michael .”
Alexandria Zabala
“ In my house , autism is being able to remember and recite a movie she ’ s only seen twice , but not being able to remember her morning routine without a list or chart . Most importantly , though , my girl ( who is 15 ) is absolutely accepting of all people who cross her path and does not see herself as different in any way . In my house , autism is being able to do whatever your peers do , but maybe do it in a different way or a different time frame .”
Elise Dale Fong / Facebook
“ Autism in our house is finding those moments that will bring joy to our son ’ s face . Finding the moments that he ’ s not too anxious , so we can hug him . Finding the moments to sit with him , so he can fill our minds with his immense knowledge . Finding moments where he ’ s concentrating on something so dear to him , and I stare at him and can ’ t believe that he ’ s ours . I wouldn ’ t change him or any of his quirks for the world .”
Leanne Johnson / Facebook
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Watch me smile Over The Rainbow In the spirit of our new slogan, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of the biggest smiles from our amazing family at EllieB’s. We hope this puts a smile on your face too! “All the colours….like yellow, orange, greens, and purples and reds and blue. The Sun is an orange circle with yellow triangles like diamond shapes. There are crystal clear ocean waves….. the sea.” By Robert A gift of colour, Robert’s rainbow continues to make us smile every day at EllieB’s – a treasured reminder of why we are so passionate about the work we do. Keep an eye out over the coming months and next year as we rollout our new website and EllieB’s branding across the organisation! 8 ebldisabilityservices.org.au ebldisabilityservices.org.au 9