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“ What autism looks like ”

In an uplifting article published by HuffPost online , parents shared their experiences of what autism looks like . These stories made us smile . We hope they do the same for you . Source : https :// bit . ly / autismhp
“ Autism in our house is a big brother teaching little brothers his heavy work moves that they now do it together . Lego pieces as far as the eye can see but don ’ t you dare touch them . Pokémon cards as far as the eye can see but don ’ t you dare touch them . It ’ s limited hugs and ‘ I love you ’ s , but when they happen , they ’ re special . It ’ s worrying about the future and working at life skills every day , so he can be independent when the time comes . Celebration over little victories like new environments and people without a meltdown . Talking calmly through the meltdown , letting him know I ’ m here . Hurt feelings when friends / family / teachers don ’ t understand behaviors and think he ’ s misbehaved . Being a strong advocate in those situations when it would be easier to be angry at those who believe it ’ s misbehavior . It ’ s loving every minute I have with him and his brothers knowing we are doing the best we can .”
Amanda Casey / Facebook “ Autism in our household is many things . It ’ s unconditional love , it ’ s long emotional days , but most importantly it ’ s accepting different instead of ignoring and pretending it doesn ’ t exist . Autism is everything awesome and exhausting , but there ’ s nothing I would change about my son Michael .”
Alexandria Zabala
“ In my house , autism is being able to remember and recite a movie she ’ s only seen twice , but not being able to remember her morning routine without a list or chart . Most importantly , though , my girl ( who is 15 ) is absolutely accepting of all people who cross her path and does not see herself as different in any way . In my house , autism is being able to do whatever your peers do , but maybe do it in a different way or a different time frame .”
Elise Dale Fong / Facebook
“ Autism in our house is finding those moments that will bring joy to our son ’ s face . Finding the moments that he ’ s not too anxious , so we can hug him . Finding the moments to sit with him , so he can fill our minds with his immense knowledge . Finding moments where he ’ s concentrating on something so dear to him , and I stare at him and can ’ t believe that he ’ s ours . I wouldn ’ t change him or any of his quirks for the world .”
Leanne Johnson / Facebook
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