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Carer Gateway

Carer Gateway is the national carer support model funded by the Commonwealth Government . As an Australia-wide network , Carer aGateway service providers will talk through what you need and help you to find local services and support to help you .
In the words of Carer Gateway , “ It takes strength and courage to care for someone .”
They are here for you .
What support is available ?
Carer Gateway provides a range of services and supports delivered both in person and online .
• Counselling – if you are feeling stressed , anxious , sad or frustrated , a counsellor can talk with you either in person or over the phone in the comfort of your own home .
• In-person and online peer support – you might like to meet with people like you who care for someone and share stories , knowledge and experience . You can do this with people in your area or you can join the carer forum online .
• Respite Care – if you get sick or hurt and you cannot look after someone , emergency respite services can help you . Service providers will find ways to look after the person you care for while you have a break . Planned respite care can also help you plan for regular breaks to rest and recharge .
• Carer Directed Support – you may be able to get a range of practical supports to help you in your caring role through a carer directed support package .
• Self-guided coaching – you can work through interactive online coaching sessions at your own pace . You can find a range of topics to help you in your caring role .
• In-person coaching – you can talk to a professional coach to reflect on your experience and needs , identify personal goals and create a plan to reach these goals .
• Skills courses – you can use these short online courses to help you to learn new skills in caring for someone and yourself .
• Practical help and advice or information about financial support on the Carer Gateway webpages .
You don ’ t have to know exactly what to ask for – you can just talk through any problems you are having , and Carer Gateway staff will try to match you with services that can help .
Who can use Carer Gateway ?
All carers can access Carer Gateway services .
You are a carer if you are looking after someone with disability , a medical condition , mental illness or who is frail due to age .
You don ’ t need to be a new carer to use Carer Gateway services – any carer can use the services at any time in their caring journey .
Using Carer Gateway services will not affect services delivered through My Aged Care or the National Disability Insurance Scheme ( NDIS ), or any state or territory carer services or carer payments you may be receiving .
Who do I contact ?
Each region in Australia has a Carer Gateway service provider . In South Australia , you can contact Carers SA on 1800 422 737 or visit carerssa . com . au for all the information you need .
For further information about the Carer Gateway network and service , visit : www . carergateway . gov . au / help-advice / getting-help
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