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Ellie B ’ s Carer Advisory Group

Covid 19 has certainly altered our lives and I think we are all wondering when our lives will feel a little more at ease . I have had 2 vaccinations but am concerned for my daughter and maybe some of you are the same when they do not like any type of medical interventions at all . I am hopeful the new patch style Covid vaccination will prove successful and be available soon so that being out in the community will not be so risky .
A large disability service as reported in the newspaper is in some difficulties . NDIS has required disability providers to run their businesses differently but not necessarily easier and unfortunately clients are the ones that will be at risk when this happens .
I am confident with a Carer led Board , the Carers Advisory Group and a very committed CEO you can be confident that our clients come first . Therefore please , if you have any concerns but do not want to talk to management feel free to email me on 7982726d @ tpg . com . au and I am happy to assist if I can .
I would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope that 2022 will be much happier for everyone .

Dawnn Brodie

Dawn Brodie Convenor | EllieB ’ s Carer Advisory Group

Respite provides such a wonderful opportunity for families to take a well-earned break from the caring role .
Wendy Warren | Chief Executive

What has the respite service and EllieB ’ s done for you as a parent ? “ For over 20 years , EllieB ’ s has been an amazing support to us as a family .
In the early days , I didn ’ t want to send my daughter to respite . I wanted to do as much as I could myself and didn ’ t like the thought of “ strangers ” looking after her . I put it off for a little while until one day I was ready to try .
From the very first time my daughter attended the respite services at EllieB ’ s , she loved it ! I remember thinking to myself , “ I could have done it sooner .” Especially when from that day onwards she would often ask excitedly , “ is it time to go away !?”
For me , it means I get some restful downtime and space for myself with peace of mind knowing my daughter is in safe hands with staff that she loves ; that we all love !
Now living in supported accommodation , my daughter continues to thrive and enjoy life as part of the EllieB ’ s community each and every day .
I am so grateful for the team at EllieB ’ s for being the incredible support that they are . Not to mention Wendy for her tireless work in leading such a caring , dedicated and passionate organisation . “
Not only does the respite service give her the opportunity to get out and about , she also gets to spend time with other people doing things she loves .
- Dawn Brodie
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