Elizabeth Bowey would be smiling .

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Who ’ s Elizabeth Bowey you ask ?
In 1981 , the Lady Mayoress of Salisbury , Elizabeth Bowey did something heroic for a group of parents with intellectually disabled children .
She fought for and created a respite centre . This was no easy task .
Elizabeth lobbied government for support , without success but she didn ’ t give up .
With intelligent determination she finally secured a grant of $ 25,000 and the Elizabeth Bowey Lodge became a reality . So named in her honour by the grateful parents .
Fast forward 20 years and while her name and hard work was precious to the original families it had little meaning to the broader community , and so it was decided to evolve the name .
The new Board wanted to honour the memory of its founder and Elizabeth Bowey Lodge became the spiritual home of EBL Disability Services . Over the next decade , not only did the newly branded EBL experience explosive growth but the entire landscape of all things disability was about to change with the introduction of the NDIS .
It was decided it was time to evolve the brand again to be more in line with the needs of stakeholders , clients , the community , our staff and volunteers .
Welcome EllieB ’ s .
EllieB ’ s is full of energy and personality and is the result of a lot of hard work done by our staff and some new friends in marketing and communications .
EllieB ’ s is colourful , positive and a true reflection of the generosity of spirit our clients , their families and our staff demonstrate every day .
It ’ s our passion and it drives us to create a wonderful world around every client so they can thrive , flourish and enjoy every day .
A place that makes you happy , a place that makes you smile .
Little wonder our theme is “ Watch me smile !”
Talking of smiling , we believe our heroic founder , Elizabeth Bowey , would be grinning from ear to ear .
PS : The place we love to be is now called EllieB ’ s .

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