IWACA Dream... Create... be who you are Summer Issue 2014 | Page 2



elcome readers, both old and new. Summer is a great time of

year, and we all love the thought of going on holiday, lazy days relaxing in the sun—if we are lucky—and shedding the winter apparel in favour of something lighter.

For creative types, summer does not mean a break from our chosen

profession or hobby. No, we still have to continue with our projects despite the allure of a warm, sunny day. Not that I'm saying we don't like to take a break, we are human after all. But if you are lucky to be going on holiday this year, your baggage will no doubt include a large notepad and pens and of course, a camera. Or for you artists, a sketchbook and your favoured material to create your masterpiece with.

We cannot forget the added bonus of lighter mornings either, extra time when it is peaceful with only the sound of the birds to serenade us when we awake. I love summer mornings, they give us a boost, the opportunity to sit outside with a hot mug of tea or coffee and write/create in the fresh air. Far better than being stuck indoors sitting at the kitchen table or desk.

This issue, I have for you a cornucopia of talent awaiting your perusal. So please, enjoy reading their stories, and gaze in wonder at the artwork while you sip a cocktail in the sultry heat of a summer evening.

Whatever you are doing, remember to always be safe and cover up when you are outside, sun cream is your friend. And don't forget to come back for the autumn issue this coming September. I have some great guests lined up for you.