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WITH ANYWHERE , THE SECOND DEBUT FROM INDEPENDENT SWISS WATCHMAKER KRAYON , the wearer can see sunset and sunrise times for any single location indicated on the dial .
The newer watch , with its all-new C030 manualwind caliber , streamlines the functions of the earlier Krayon Everywhere , on which ( you guessed it ) the wearer can see sunset and sunrise times across the globe . That watch was awarded the Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d ' Horlogerie de Genève ( GPHG ) in 2018 .
Like the dial , the back of this newer celestial complication is also less encumbered , with large , expertly polished plates that largely hide the gears below . Watch engineer Rémi Maillat , who worked on so many of Cartier ’ s superb , complicated calibers prior to founding Krayon in 2017 , places the hours , minutes and seconds beneath this larger plate .
A portion of the sunset and sunrise complication dominates the lower section of the movement . Framing a threaded and adjustable transverse screw is a dramatic two-level cam that rotates , pushing two racks to continuously transmit the information required to activate the dial ’ s sunset and sunrise displays .
The cam , which the watchmaker can customize according to the owner ’ s chosen latitude , rotates fully once each year . Krayon will adjust two screws ( visible within a set of rubies at each side of the cam ) to account for longitudinal differences in sunset ( left side ) and sunrise ( right side ).
PERSONAL DÉCOR Maillat ’ s wavy bridge décor is not simply eyecatching . It ’ s also personal . The manually beveled edges of the larger bridge echo the shape of one of the rivers that empties into Lake Neuchâtel , near Maillat ’ s home in Switzerland . The bridge ’ s waves echo the position of the watch ’ s cam during a Neuchâtel sunset , according to Krayon . All the bridges , and even the cam , feature perfectly mirror polished anglage .
Thanks to a thin ( 5mm ) movement , Krayon has managed to maintain a 9mm thin case for Anywhere despite all this complexity . And at only 39mm in diameter the Krayon Anywhere may be among the smaller high-end designs offering a sunrise / sunset display . And with the obvious attention paid to its back view , it is certainly among the most beautiful .
CASE 39mm by 9.5mm white gold or rose gold with alligator strap and matching gold buckle .
MOVEMENT Manual-winding Cal . C030 showing ( on dial ) hours and minutes , sunrise and sunset times , 24-hour display , simple calendar , month . Wave-décor on bridges with handpolished beveling throughout . Power reserve is 86 hours , 3 Hz frequency , 55 jewels , 432 components .
PRICE 116,000 Swiss Francs ( about $ 127,000 ).