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Doing Good


lpina Watches has partnered with the Netherlandsbased Gyre Watch to create the new


Alpina Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic collection featuring watchcases crafted from recycled materials . Sales of the watch , with its case forged from a mixture of fiberglass ( 30 %) and plastic debris ( 70 %) caught in fishing nets in the Indian Ocean , will support the National Park Foundation .
The new Alpina Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic collection is composed of five models and was officially launched to support World Oceans Day on June 8th .
Alpina will donate $ 100 for every watch purchased through us . AlpinaWatches . com in order to help maintain the U . S . parks , both inland and coastal .
THE COLLECTION The full Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic range includes three men ’ s models ( 44 mm , $ 1,395 ) and two models designed for women ( 36mm , $ 1,295 ). All five watches share blue-shaded dials , including turquoise and dyed mother-of-pearl , and luminescent hands .
Inside each watch Alpina places its Sellita-based AL-525 automatic movement . In addition , as a dive model , the watch features the requisite unidirectional bezel and waterresistance to 300 meters .
Alpina will ship all the new watches with one of three two-tone NATO-style straps made from recycled plastic bottles . In addition , Alpina will include a black vegetable leather strap made of recycled apple waste with every 44mm watch .
GYRE ORIGINS Alpina explains that the word Gyre is a reference to giant circular ocean currents . The Geneva-based watchmaker adds that the new collection is the start of a long-term collaboration with the Gyre company .
Gyre Watch , founded in The Netherlands in 2017 , makes watches from recycled ocean plastic . Local fishermen along the Indian Ocean earn a fee collecting fishing nets from the sea , which means Gyre also contributes to local economies . Alpina will make the Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic as a limited series of 1,883 pieces of each model , in reference to the year of Alpina ’ s founding . Each watch will be sold in an eco-friendly gift set made of recycled plastic and recycled plastic bottles .
To further enhance the collection ’ s ecological profile , Alpina is printing each watch ’ s guarantee and certificate of authenticity on one page of recycled paper and will utilize a paperless user manual , accessible via a QR code . The code will direct buyers to a dedicated site for the Gyre collection as well as the instruction and maintenance manual .