iW Fall 2020 - Page 85

watch crown and more aggressive ridges on the bezel , the coin-edged style has a more subdued look and feel than , say , the Rado Hyperchrome Captain Cook 2017 , with its Fifty Fathoms-esque treatment . The watch is incredibly easy to read and maintains a night ’ s worth of luminescence . I ’ m a personal fan the Captain ’ s titanium case back because of weight savings and hypoallergenic properties .

The sample I received had a single-piece leather band , and would be better served with a lined Horween , but that ’ s strictly a personal preference . If anyone was actually going to use this as a dive watch ( probably one tenth of one percent of the buyers ), the strap and shallow ridges of the bezel would prove a problem underwater . However , for the moisture-averse who will more than likely purchase this product , that won ’ t be an issue .
GETTING IT WET Given the Rado ’ s pedigree as a dive watch , ala the original 60s iteration , I intended to get the Captain wet and dirty , covered with sunscreen and oil , and then hang it out in the sun to dry . To this end the watch accompanied me in the surf , by the pool , up and down daily ten-mile walks through dusty hills and was worn while sweating and spilling margaritas and tequila shots . Any dive watch that remains neat and clean and dry should be forcibly taken from its owner and that misguided individual barred from ever owning another watch with a water-resistant rating over one meter . But I digress .
The watch swum through the week of abuse with no undue scratching , scarring or unwanted mutating . The bronze case picked up a dull finish with some blackish highlights , answering the question of how it would tarnish . While the user ’ s manual states that the watch can be returned to Rado for cleaning ( really ), I found using metal polish worked just fine – see the before and after photos with minimal elbow grease .
WOULD I BUY THIS WATCH ? Absolutely – and for many several reasons . It ’ s great looking , in a non-blingy way , and punches well above its class for the price . Unlike stainless or gold watches , it feels organic .
The bronze changes and reflects the activity level of the user . It features a whopping four anchor logos between the case and strap , and three starfish on the case back ( It would have been nice to see a mermaid as well ), but who knows what the future may hold ! It has a domed crystal and a groovy domed dial – a double dose of domage – awesome ! And , finally , it holds its value : check out the used prices on eBay against the street price on this watch ( as a comparison look at Romain Jerome as well – a cringe-worthy value dropper !).
As a daily wear in dry conditions , the watch as configured with a leather strap will serve most users well . For those who actually wear dive watches for diving I ’ d suggest investing in a metal bracelet model . The Captain was a great travelling companion , and kudos to Rado for delivering exceptional quality at a realistic price point . Price : $ 2,600