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An oil-pressed dial imparts a sporty look to the Waldan Heritage Collection .



Nancy Olson Managing Editor | nancy @ isochronmedia . com
t seems to me that in the wake of all that is happening in the world today , the concept of “ luxury ” is evolving right along with everything else we ’ ve taken for granted for so long .
Some say it should be relegated to a lower rung of importance , as job losses , business closings and uncertain futures take precedence over those things easily covered by discretionary income in the not-so-distant past . Others believe a tightening of our designer belts is good for our collective psyche , proving that “ we ’ re all in this together ” is more than a meaningless aphorism designed to assuage the 2 a . m . sweats .
I have always believed that luxury is subjective , and even during economic times such as these , there ’ s a place for niceties that lift spirits while keeping wallets — whatever their size — intact . If you agree , you ’ re going to love this issue .
This magazine , as you ’ ve noticed by now , is an amalgam of IW and About
Time — both highly acclaimed publications from Isochron Media with unique slants within the world of watches . International Watch , which has been around for nearly three decades , continues to address the gamut of the watch industry : products , people and events . It is known for its complete coverage of watches at all price points , from super-expensive and one-of-akind models to more affordable watches from well-respected brands .
The much-younger About Time is focused on accessible , well-made timepieces from worldwide brands . Quartz or mechanical , handmade or hand-assembled , About Time doesn ’ t play favorites .
Here you can enjoy them both .
The now-conjoined books cross over in a variety of ways , and both offer a spectrum of price points — something for everyone during these challenging times . A few examples of some interesting timepieces in these pages : Bulova ’ s Frank Sinatra Collection , which ranges in price from $ 495 to $ 1,350 ; the new Rado Captain Cook dive watch , priced at $ 2,600 ; and Alpina ’ s new Seastrong Diver Gyre Automatic , priced at $ 1,395 for the men ’ s models and $ 1,295 for the ladies ’ models .
For those of you who know American-made Waldan watches and their heretofore hefty — though not unwarranted — price tags , you ’ ll be pleased to read about the company ’ s rebirth and its new line of steel timepieces . The watches are long on details , like fine leather straps and stepped cases , while short on price : less than $ 500 . They feature Ameriquartz movements , which hail from Fountain Hills , Arizona .
Please enjoy our double dose of watch luxury , now offered to you at one low price .