iW Fall 2020 - Page 75

Maximilian Busser and Edouard Meylan FOR MANY YEARS PRECISION ENGINEERING AG , a sister company of H . Moser & Cie ., has been making balance springs for MB & F . These two high-profile independent watchmakers expand their ties this year well beyond sharing component-makers by each launching a watch with functions and designs originally found on watches from both companies .

Thus , on the new Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon H . Moser × MB & F the wearer sees a cylindrical tourbillon and tilted dial that immediately recalls the MB & F LM Thunderdome or its Flying-T .
Likewise , on the new LM101 MB & F × H . Moser we see the highly recognizable MB & F suspended balance flying above a trademark H . Moser fumé dial with minimalized H . Moser hands indicating both time and power reserve .
Both companies have jointly created these two new watches and will make them available in several versions with each issued in a fifteenpiece limited series . Fifteen signifies the 15th anniversary of MB & F and the fifteenth as well anniversary of H . Moser & Cie .’ s re-launch .
ENDEAVOUR CYLINDRICAL TOURBILLON H . MOSER × MB & F For this 42mm model , H . Moser & Cie . takes the MB & F concept of three-dimensional movements to another technical level with a one-minute flying tourbillon ( with the aforementioned cylindrical balance ) popping out of an aperture at 12 o ’ clock .
Down at 6 o ’ clock we see a 40-degree tilted dial , lifted directly from MB & F ’ s LM Thunderdome or Flying – T . Rather than the white lacquer dial used by MB & F , here we find clear sapphire marked only by the H . Moser name , two hands and the twelve hour markers .
FUMÉ DIALS . H . Moser will make the watch available in five different versions cased in steel and with a selection of favorite H . Moser fumé dials : Funky Blue , Cosmic Green , Burgundy , Off-White or Ice Blue .
LM101 MB & F × H . MOSER For its part in the cooperative venture , MB & F has outfitted its Legacy Machine 101 with distinctive H . Moser elements .
MB & F has retained the watch ’ s suspended flying balance , but has removed its own logo as well as the LM101 ’ s white domed subdials , replacing them with an H . Moser fumé dial and three H . Moser hands showing hours , minutes power reserve .
MB & F chose four fumé dials to illustrate the watch ’ s cooperative nature : Red , Cosmic Green , Aqua Blue and Funky Blue . MB & F also retained the 40mm by 16mm steel case and domed sapphire crystal .
MB & F has also redesigned the LM101 ’ s large suspended balance wheel by adding a Straumann double balance spring produced by Precision Engineering AG , the component maker that shares ownership with H . Moser . MB & F says the new spring actually improves the movement ’ s precision and isochronism while also reducing friction .
And there ’ s more ‘ Mosering ’ visible on this new LM101 MB & F × H . Moser . Rather than using a Kari Voutilainen finish , MB & F has supplied a contemporary NAC treatment to the movement , which is visible from the clear sapphire caseback .
H . Moser CEO Edouard Meylan and MB & F founder Maximilian Büsser compare their new creations to a “ duet recital in the form of an exceptional concerto for devotees of fine watchmaking .”
Clearly , the two independent watchmakers are making beautiful music together .
The two models are available in several versions and issued in 15-piece limited series . Prices : $ 79,000 ( Endeavour Cylindrical Tourbillon H . Moser × MB & F , and $ 52,000 ( LM101 MB & F × H . Moser ).