iW Fall 2020 - Page 53


Working directly with only the best dial makers , watchmakers and finishers around the world , Titan Black takes already superb timepieces to new heights . Whether a touch of color on the dial , a new bezel , or a total blackout on case dial and movement , London-based Titan Black brings a breath of fresh design air to iconic but typically stolid watch designs .
Collectors can coo and boast about how great it is to own a Daytona as much as they like , but the reality is they are just not all that rare . That ’ s where the ethos of Titan Black comes to the fore : taking what is actually quite a common design and adding touches that keep the general integrity of the style while making it something other than one of the thousands of the exact same watch that you ’ ll see in any board room around the world .
AFTERMARKET ENHANCEMENTS Titan Black ’ s modus operandi is as an aftermarket service provider that takes your own watch and upgrades it in various ways similar to what Rinspeed and Gemballa do for exotic cars . They will take your Rolex , Patek Philippe ( gasp ), Audemars Piguet , Hublot , or almost any other luxury watch and bring it to new heights .
Until recently , the company focused primarily on dial upgrades , custom case and movement finishing as well as custom rotors . To these services Titan Black has now added new skeletonized options that highlight the enhanced finishing and workmanship applied to the engine within .
Fees start at right around $ 5,000 for certain basic services , while the skeleton shown ( above ) starts at $ 40,000 . This example has actually been upgraded again since this was written with a full gold rotor , but was not available for photography in time to feature here .
That said , you can still clearly see some of the choices this particular client has made with gold textured surfaces on the web-work of re-defined bridges , as well as the high-polish anglage as a counter-point to the frosted gold of the flat surfaces . On the reverse side you can also see a message hidden in the center wheel – in this case the spokes read Titan Black . But each message can be customized – as long as it fits in the limited space .
After delivery Titan Black backs its work with a five-year limited warranty on the complete watch and has a full service department with expert watchmakers at its disposal .
While some may decry any modification to a Rolex , Patek Philippe or other luxury watch as pure heresy , more and more affluent clients are opening their eyes to the fact that they can either have the same watch as thousands of other well-heeled aficionados , or they can be the king of their own custom . Details at www . titanblack . co . uk .