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P AGE 6 I T ’ S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH - I now Eat My Vegetables First! Written by: CAP Stone When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. I remember as a child, my mother making me eat the green veggies on my plate. Tortured by the very thought, it would take hours to finish. Not knowing what was good for me but only that which was good to me---that of the taste of the good stuff...candy, fried pork chops that only mama could make and other items that pleased the flesh but killed it at he same time. I was a child. I thought like a child and ate like a child that was ruled by the flesh...because...the things that pleased the flesh were "good"...or so I thought. But then life hits us and we grow up. For some reason now, I eat my veggies first. I remember mom telling me that veggies were good for me. Of course not only did I not believe it but it never even registered. Her statements were far above my level of maturity. As a child nutrition was not at the forefront of my priorities. As an adult that notion has drastically changed along with life on multiple levels. There comes a time when we as men of our communities must put away childish things and ideas and fantasies. There is nothing worse tan seeing the 40 year old aspiring rapper whose aspirations deny their child or in a lot of cases their children the opportunities and resources that they (the children) need to get ahead. Or what about the childhood gang banger who survived and is now 45 years old and still flying his flag of red or blue out of his back pocket, pants sagging exposing his delicate side unable to or choosing not to seek gainful employment? The "Baby Boys" that choose to remain in mama's house while she works to continue to provide for him, his "babies mamas" and her grandkids. Who's at fault here? This type of adolescent behavior is unacceptable. And to those mothers that allow these infidels to suck the needed resources out of their homes and away from their children are just as guilty as the deadbeat, low lives that they house. Mothers that clip the wings of young men by continuing to serve as a safety net every time they quit a job because they couldn't take orders or get their lazy asses up on too are guilty. There is a time in every Man's life where he must "man up" and take one for the team. It's not always pleasant settling with the mother of your child, but for hat child he rewards can be numerous. Once you bring a child into this world, the priority should no longer be you, but that child. Choosing to go bare back with that woman was where you decided that I no longer want to be the priority. Your every resource and focus should be hat of your seed and not that of you foregone rap career or becoming a general in playstation game “Call of Duty”. Instead, make it your “Call of Duty” to be a father to your children and a provider to your family.