Its All About Raleigh-Frayser-North Memphis Jul/Aug 2012 - Page 16

P AGE 14 I T ’ S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH -F RAYSER -N ORTH M EMPHIS “The “Natural” is Back With a Vengeance” Hair thrives best in its natural state. Unbeknownst to most, environmental pollutants and what we eat affect the condition of our hair. A healthier lifestyle and monitoring the ingredients in what we eat, as well as, what we put on our skin and hair can help us tremendously in the long run. There are things that can be done to help keep our hair thriving. I cleanse the hair and scalp with a good clarifying shampoo to help remove the buildup of products in order for hair to grow naturally and healthy. I follow that with a good moisturizing shampoo to help soften and maintain the hair’s natural oils. A recommendation that works well is Arbonne’s FC5 Nourishing Daily Shampoo. For issues such as dry and itchy scalp, I recommend Arbonne’s Daily Adjusting Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil. I also have a few tips to keep your hair at its best. Avoid products with alcohol in them because alcohol dries out hair. Use warm water instead of hot water because hot water is drying as well. Rinse the hair first to remove dirt and dust and then apply the shampoo. I advise clients to cleanse their hair at least once a week. This regimen should ensure a healthy environment for hair to flourish naturally. Brinetta’s Natural Hair—901-949-2423 6061 Apple Tree Dr. #5 Memphis, TN 38115 Clatoyrea James of 38107 You WIN $100!!! This could be your name! Enter to win at