Its All About Raleigh-Frayser-North Memphis Jul/Aug 2012 - Page 11

P AGE 11 (Continued from page 8) five kids, Pastor Holloway demonstrates that lifestyle daily. He is known to be uncompromising in regards to what “the word” says. His direct and uncut style has become his mantra. Those that hear him are drawn to hear more of what he has to say. “The tools that I have received in regards to striving to live a lifestyle of holiness has been invaluable to me,” says State Representative Antonio Parkinson, member of Breath of Life Christian Center. “I can honestly say that Dr. Sammie Holloway is one top three most influential people in my life,” he continued. You can tell a good leader by the leaders that they produce and there have been many that have come out of Breath of Life Christian Center. August 2, 2012 Things have changed.You must have a STATE ISSUED I.D. TO VOTE! Do you know where to vote? Find out where you vote at or call us at 901-379-9101