Its All About Raleigh-Frayser-North Memphis Jan/Feb 2012 Work N Progress Info 2012 - Page 5

5 BENEFITS OF SPONSORSHIP SPONSOR LEVEL 1 PRESENTING SPONSOR - $7,500 x The 2012 Work ~n~ Progress Career Fair will be officially renamed using your company name ( e.g., XYZ Company presents The Work ~n~ Progress Career Fair ). Signage will be present at every event associated with the 2012 Peace Week event schedule (i.e., Fashion Show, Peace Parade, etc.) This sponsorship is available only to one sponsor and is available on a first-come basis. ȁͽ́́͡ɥ̰ȸQȀ)ٕЁ9Mͽȁ́ѡɥЁЁɕͅѼ͕ٔ́ѡ)ٕЁ9Mͽȁȁѡٕ́Ѐ x <RXU FRPSDQ\V QDPH DQG ORJR ZLOO EH LQFOXGHG LQ DOO UDGLR television, electronic, and print advertisement used to promote and market the event. (Billboard, newspaper ads, posters, postcard fliers, email, website, radio and television and press releases) x When possible, street banners or pole signs in event area at key tra IILF LQWHUVHFWLRQV ZLOO EH KXQJ ZLWK \RXU FRPSDQ\V ORJR EUDQG RU name x $ &DUHHU )DLU WHQW ZLOO EH VHW XS LQ \RXU FRPSDQ\V QDPH DORQJ ZLWK catering from area restaurants x :KHQHYHU SRVVLEOH \RXU FRPSDQ\V VSRNHVSHUVRQ ZLOO EH DVNHG WR participate in all on-air interviews promoting the event x Company name or logo on event website (includes hyperlink to your web site) x Company name or logo and brand placed on event tee-shirts x Prominent signage display throughout all sanctioned events (Golf Tournament, Parade, etc.) x Spotlight company during all events via verbal recognition x Your company will be provided first choice of booth space at The Work ~n~ Progress Career Fair. Competitors within your industry will not be able to sponsor the event at any level above Level 3 (available on a first-come basis) x Your company will be presented with a certificate of appreciation after the event