Its All About Raleigh-Frayser-North Memphis Jan/Feb 2012 Work N Progress Info 2012 - Page 10

10 Work ~N~ Progress Career Fair - Letter of Intent On behalf of_______________________________________________ (Company name) We intend to purchase a: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Food Vendor Non-Food Vendor Non-Profit (Must show proof of 501 c 3 designation from IRS) (Check appropriate box) Our sponsorship will be paid by (date)___________________________ Please make check payable to:, Inc. In the memo section: Work ~n~ Progress Career Fair Name (Print): ________________________________________________ Email (Req): _____ ____________________________________________ Your Title: __________________________________________________ Telephone: _______________________ Fax :________________________ Signature: __________________________________ Date: ____________ Please mail payment along with this form to: Black Market Strategies P.O Box 281453 Memphis, TN 38168 E-mail: Phone: 901.379.9101 Fax: 901.379.9102 For Office Use Only Amount Received: $______________ Received From:__________________________ Form of Payment  &DVK &KHFN 1RBBBBBBBBBBB 0RQH\ 2UGHU ,Q .LQG If in kind, what was the specific item and value in dollars? ___________________________ Received By (Please Print):______________________________________________________ Received By (Please Sign):_______________________________________ Date:__________