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P AGE 9 C OMMUNITY N EWSLETTER I took them off of me and found my way to my closet to find something to slip on my naked body. I struggled down the hallway leaving my bloody fingerprints on the wall. I locked the door from which he left and hurried out of the back door. I had just opened the back door, when I heard my attacker return with help, but I was over- whelmingly frightened. I heard him kick in the front door. Frantically, I scurried as fast as I could to my neighbor, Felicia. She asked if it was me because God knows I was unrecognizable. I know I must have been quite a sight. I had huge cuts all over my body, and I was bloody from head to toe. My eyes were blood red from ruptured blood vessels from the suffocation. I assured my neighbor that it was me and asked her to please help me. She asked who had GRQH WKLV WR PH DQG ZLWKRXW D PRPHQWV KHVLWDWLRQ , WROG KHU WKDW LW ZDV &DUORV $V VKH KHOSHG PH WR D QHDUE\ QHLJKERUV KRXVH , NHSW WHOOLQJ KHU RYHU DQG RYHU DJDLQ WR keep him away from me. I told Felicia to call my mom at work, and she also called the ambu- lance because the knife was still in my side. The news was spreading fast that something tragic had happened to me. Before I knew it, the apartment was filled with many concerned people ZKR ZHUH VFUHDPLQJ LQ GLVEHOLHI :KR GLG WKLV WR \RX":KR FRXOG KDYH FRPPLWWHG VXFK DQ DWURFLRXV DFW" 7KH\ ZHUH ZHHSLQJ DQG FRQVROLQJ DQG SURWHFWLQJ PH 0\ FRXVLQ 7DURQ SXOOHG the knife out of my side and threw it on the floor. Unbeknownst to me, Carlos had also wan- dered in. He picked up the knife and put it in the sink. He turned on the faucet and tried to wash off his fingerprints. Then, he came and sat right beside me. He had blood and bleach all over him. It was at that moment that I went into a state of shock. As blood began to pour out of my neck, the ambulance arrived and carried me to the back of the truck. They had just closed the door when a police lady came back and re-opened those doors. She asked me if Carlos Thomas A.K.A. Carlos Turner had done this to me, and I told her yes in no uncertain terms and with as much energy that , FRXOG PXVWHU XS \HV and I closed my eyes as the police took my assailant down. I was rushed to the Med where I remained in critical condition for several days. Being in the hospital was the most difficult time of my life. I had second degree burns over 50% of my body. After a week in ICU, I was moved to the burn unit. The burns hurt so bad, that I would have to be put to sleep before they could even give me a bath. I had to go through physical therapy that was excruciatingly painful. My en- tire body had stiffened from the burns. The burns on my legs made it difficult for me to walk. I had to walk slouched over for two months, be-cause burns on my stomach made it difficult for me to stand straight up. Burns on my arms made it difficult for me to feed myself. I had to rely on family and friends to wash my face and brush my teeth. , IHOW WKDW P\ OLIH ZDV RYHU DQG , NHSW DVNLQJ *RG ZK\ KH VSDUHG P\ OLIH :K\" , NQHZ , FRXOGQW SXUVXH D PRGHOLQJ FDUHHU QRZ WKDW P\ ERG\ ZDV VR PHVVHG XS , ZDV KLGHRXV D PRQ ster. I covered the mirror in my room because I could not stand to look at myself. I thought all my hopes were gone until I met a nurse name Everett Perry. She was very nice to me and made me work hard. Nurse Perry always made me do everything for myself. She would encour- age me by telling me that I was still beautiful, especially on the inside and that inner beauty would find its way out, and that one day I would still be a model. She would tell me that even- tually I would be back to myself. Many times I would become so angry with her for making me GR VR PXFK RQ P\ RZQ +RZHYHU WRGD\ , WKDQN KHU EHFDXVH ,P DEOH WR GR HYHU\WKLQJ WKDW , (Continued on page 13)