Its All About Raleigh-Frayser-North Memphis Jan/Feb 2012 Raleigh-Frayser-North Memphis News Mar-Apr - Page 8

P AGE 8 I T S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH -F RAYSER -N ORTH M EMPHIS 0\ QDPH LV .LPEHUOHH 0RUWRQ DQG ,P D  \HDU ROG FROOHJH VWXGHQW ZKR IRU DV ORQJ DV , FDQ UH member, both modeling and acting were the two major goals in my life. I dreamed of strutting down the runways of New York, Beverly Hills, Paris France and acting alongside some of Holly- ZRRGV ELJJHVW DQG EULJKWHVW VWDUV +RZHYHU DOO RI P\ GUHDPV DQG DVSLUDWLRQV FDPH WR D KDOW RQ the morning of November 19 th 1998 in my hometown of Memphis Tennessee. &DUORV OLYHG XSVWDLUV IURP PH ZLWK KLV JLUOIULHQG DQG IRXU NLGV 6XUSULVLQJO\ ,G NQRZQ KLP IRU D couple of years. I regarded him as my friend. We shared lots of laughs and intense conversations. I respected him. He came to my apartment door wanting to use my phone. I opened the door, and he came right in. He picked up the receiver of the phone and attempted to dial a number but LQVWHDG KH KXQJ WKH UHFHLYHU XS DQG EHJDQ DVNLQJ PH D ORW RI TXHVWLRQV +H DVNHG :KDWV ZURQJ ZLWK \RX":K\ \RX KROGLQJ \RXU WKURDW OLNH WKDW" I told him that I had not been feeling well and decided not to go to work. Then suddenly without warning he grabbed me by my neck, dragged me back into my bedroom and savagely, gro- tesquely and brutally raped me for what seemed like an eternity. When he finished, he decided that my life should end and began to suffocate me with my very own pillows. After raping me and suffocating me my attacker gave me the ultimatum of choosing the method by which I would die. , FULHG SURIXVHO\ DQG EHJJHG KLP WR VSDUH P\ OLIH :KHQ VXIIRFDWLQJ PH GLGQW ZRUN KH SURFHHGHG to strangle me with his bare hands. I lost consciousness, and for all intense purposes-I was dead and all of my body excrements left me. I guess this atrocious animal wanted to be sure I was dead because after he made incisions all over my body and took a butcher knife and repeatedly stabbed me in my neck and in my side. In a botched attempt to remove any evidence he had left on my skin like his fingerprints, he poured bleach all over me. The bleach burned a significant amount of my skin and by the grace of God, it also awakened my brain and all else remaining sense. As I regained consciousness, my assailant longed for the conversations we used to have when I thought he was my friend. He told me that he was very sorry for what he just done to my body and that he had not meant to hurt me. He told me that he would help me with my career. He also told me, if I tell it, he would kill my Mother. 1DWXUDOO\ , KDG WR SURPLVH KLP WKDW , ZRXOGQW WHOO DQ\RQH DQG KH EHOLHYHG PH EHFDXVH KH crossed over me and started unplugging my television and VCR to make it appear as if someone had broke into my house. I remember looking down and seeing blood all over the place and look- ing down at my waist and seeing a knife sticking out of my side. I tried to pull the knife out, but he told me to leave it. He stepped over me and went out the front door. As I got up from the floor, I glanced over at the mirror and saw the phone extension cord and the bed sheet he had tied around my neck.