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CONGRATS TO JAQUELINE JOINER OF RALEIGH! WINNER OF $100 See the video at P AGE 14 I T S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH -F RAYSER -N ORTH M EMPHIS Hair News you can use by Lynn +DLU VW\OHV WKDW ILW By Lynn Dotson - /\QQV *RW ,W *RLQJ 2Q  ,Q RXU ODVW LVVXH , WDONHG DERXW +RZ WR ILQG D KDLU FDUH VSHFLDOLVW ,Q WKLV LVVXH , GHFLGHG WR talk about  +DLU 6W\OHV IRU %RG\ 3URSRU tions  +DYH \RX ever wondered why the same hairstyle WKDWV DQRWKHU LV ZHDULQJ GRHVQW look the same on you or on the next SHUVRQ" 0RVWO\ LWV because of a per- VRQV ERG\ SURSRU tion. The head of a woman should be 1/7 th of her overall body height, while the man should be 1/8 th of his overall body weight. Therefore, when creating a hairstyle for your client, it is important to keep these proportions in mind. Hairstyles that is too large or too small for \RXU FOLHQWV VWDWXUH ZLOO DOWHU WKH LOOXVLRQ RI their head to body proportions. This applies to body shapes as well. In general there are three body shapes that need to be considered, they are primarily divided by their height and bone structure and are referred to as tall and lanky, average and short and sturdy. Analyze \RXU FOLHQWV ERG\ VKDSH DW WKH EHJLQQLQJ RI consultation. Have him/her stand in front of the mirror to see the overall body height and proportion. As a professional hairstylist you will be able to determine the best hair style for everyone of your client. Our clients trust and depend on us to select the best styles for their head shape and body proportion. They will love you for caring. For info: 901-276-3400 NO LONGER the VICTIM Debra Monroe-Lax, a local author and wife of private investigator Ron Lax, most known for his investigation on the highly profiled West Memphis Three murder case, is proud to announce the re- cent release of her first crime thriller ti- tled: No Longer the Victim . The story is set in Memphis and captures the dark side RI WKH FLW\V QLJKW OLIH RI GRZQWRZQ DQG EH yond. No Longer the Victim is a work of fiction about a noted MPD female homicide detec- tive turned serial killer of lesbians. T. M. Simmons, author of Dead Man Mysteries ex- FODLPV 'HEUD KDV ZULWWHQ RQH RI WKRVH books I love to find. The plot twists and turns, blindsiding the readers, sparking ques- tions to keep them turning pages far into the night. It satisfies the search for a great VWRU\ $FFRUGLQJ WR ORFDO &ULPLQDO &RXUW -XGJH 3DXOD 6NDKDQ WKH VWRU\ 3UHVHQWV D serial killer with a sympathetic past, as a vic- tim of repeated sexual abuse. This book pulls the reader into the killer's world in the same way a jury experiences a different world ZKHQ VHTXHVWHUHG IRU D PXUGHU WULDO No Longer the Victim was published through AuthorHouse Books, December 2011. The book is available in-store at the Booksellers at Laurelwood. The book is also available on e-book and on-line book retailers. For more information visit: