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P AGE 12 I T S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH -F RAYSER -N ORTH M EMPHIS Is Frayser Being Dumped on? $FFRUGLQJ WR /LOO\ 6FRWW DQG 0HOLQGD *DUQHU LW LV +HUHV DQ H[FHUSW IURP RXU LQWHUYLHZ ZLWK /LOO\ 6FRWW Scott: We are residents of the Alta Vista community. Were trying to get support with fighting the land fill that is on Stage. We want everyone to get together and fight against the land fill expansion at 2948 Thomas St. it was first opened in 2007. We have been residents in the community much longer than that. We were not informed at all about anything opening there. We heard rumors that it would be a senior facility or a truck housing storage. No one was given any notice in this particular area stating anything about a landfill on Thomas St. We found out a month ago now, only because I called Ms. Cooper DERXW VRPH LQIRUPDWLRQ 6KH GLGQW NQRZ DQ\WKLQJ DERXW LW EHLQJ a state representative, she heard about it through someone else. Melinda: We almost missed that meeting because it was posted at city hall and in a newspaper article that was very small and you FRXOGQW UHDG 7KH\ KDG WKDW PHHWLQJ LQ D QHLJKERUKRRG WKDW KDG QRWKLQJ WR GR ZLWK WKLV :H IHHO WKDW they should have been held at Ed Rice or near where the residents in this community could attend the meeting. On March the 1 st , at 2pm they will be having their last meeting concerning the landfill at 6449 Hailey Rd. building 11. IAARFNM: what will they be discussing in this meeting? Melinda: At the meeting, we will receive information, but the landfill expansion has been approved. :H ZHUH WROG WKLV PHHWLQJ LV MXVW SDUW RI WKH 3URFHVV DQG WKH\UH H[SDQGLQJ LW ZLWK RU ZLWKRXW ,$$5)10 'LG WKH\ JLYH \RX D UHDVRQ DV WR ZK\ \RX ZHUHQW JLYHQ QRWLFH LQ " Scott: We were told that the law states that they only need to inform residents who live within 500 feet of the landfill, so of course, no one really lives within 500 feet. We also found out that most of the people who they got their letters from are business that were agreeing to the expansion are no longer in our community. For example, Impact Ministries they are a part of Bellevue Baptist church WKDW ZDV ORFDWHG LQ 1RUWKJDWH VKRSSLQJ FHQWHU 7KH\UH QRW HYHQ LQ 1RUWKJDWH VKRSSLQJ FHQWHU DQ\ PRUH DQG KDYHQW EHHQ WKHUH IRU DOPRVW  \HDUV 6R ZK\ ZRXOG \RX JHW OHWWHUV IURP EXVLQHVVHV WKDW DUH QRW D SDUW RI WKLV FRPPXQLW\ DQ\PRUH WR DJUHH ZLWK \RX" 7R PH LWV DOVR D FRQIOLFW RI LQWHUHVW EH cause they know each other. The people who own these businesses know the people at the wrecking FRPSDQ\ VR ZK\ ZRXOGQW WKH\ MXVW DJUHH ZLWK WKHLU IULHQGV (YHU\ERG\ HOVH ZH VDZ LQ WKHLU GRFXPHQ tations approving the landfill do not live in our community. IAARFNM: When did you receive that information? Melinda: We received this information after their first meeting. After we received this paperwork, its showing the businesses that gave approval and all of them are no longer there. So you got approval from businesses that you knew were moving out of the neighborhood and community. So nobody in RXU FRPPXQLW\ ZDV QRWLILHG RQO\ SHRSOH ZKR ZHUH SUHSDULQJ WR PRYH DQG WKLV GRHVQW DIIHFW WKHP RU lifestyles in any way. IAARFNM: What are your concerns regarding the landfill and the expansion? Scott: For me, long term health reasons, because no matter how they say it will be covered up or ZDWHUHG GRZQ WKH PXG ZRQW EH RQ WKH VWUHHW DQG ,W ZLOO JHW LQ WKH ZDWHU VXSSO\ $LU SROOXWLRQ UDWV and everything else. After a while rats will take us over. Melinda: When I was reading some of the paperwork regarding the landfill, I work in a company and I know dry wall draws mold, and mildew and mold is very toxic. From the paperwork I read landfill is JDUEDJH :KHQ , SXUFKDVHG P\ KRPH , GLGQW NQRZ LW ZRXOG EH QHDU D ODQGILOO 7R PH WKLV LV D YHU\ racial issue. To see the full interview go to