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P AGE 11 ,WV D 1HZ 'D\ )RU $WWRUQH\ &DUOHH McCollough IAARFNM: What is McCullough Law? McCullough: McCul- lough Law, is a culmina- tion of my lifetime of experience. it will have a concentration on enter- tainment, business, di- versity strategies, di- vorce, social security and disability insurance. IAARFNM: How did you get where you are? 0F&XOORXJK :HOO LWV EHHQ D ORQJ WLPH FRPLQJ , FXUUHQWO\ slated for retirement, March 23 rd of this year from the city of 0HPSKLV ,YH VSHQW WKH ODVW GHFDGH RI P\ FDUHHU SUHWW\ PXFK focusing on the empowerment of disadvantaged businesses. Mak- LQJ VXUH WKH\ KDYH RSSRUWXQLWLHV WR WKH SURVSHULW\ RI WKH FLW\ ,P taking those experiences with that and of course my experience I have with entertainment law and now I get an opportunity to practice what I preach by starting my own boutique firm. Im really excited about it because at the end of the day one of the things I focus on is wealth and you cant leave a job to somebody. IAARFNM: what does this mean to you? 0F&XOORXJK WKLV LV D FXOPLQDWLRQ RI P\ OLIHWLPH RI ZRUN ,YH had the opportunity to live all over the country and network and meet great people. Now I have the opportunity to try this from an entrepreneurial perspective. I write a column for the Tristate Defender called On Our way to Wealthy, where I interview weekly businesses that are on their way. I think that most of us DUH WU\LQJ WR EH RQ WKDW SDWK :HUH WU\LQJ WR JHW JHQHUDWLRQDO wealth. IAARFNM: How will what your doing affect small and existing businesses? McCullough: one thing that I have learned is that there are a number of companies, weather they be brick layers or account- ants or general contractors, that are excellent at what they do, but they cant be a jack of all trades and they may have the ware with money to actually choose someone to help navigate them thru the waters so they can continue to build houses and lay bricks and do the things they would like to concentrate on grow WKHLU EXVLQHVVHV 6RPHWLPHV WKDWV DOO WKH\ QHHG LV WKDW H[WUD SHU VRQ WKDWV JRLQJ WR KHOS QDYLJDWH WKURXJK D EXVLQHVV SURVSHFWLYH IAARFNM: How can someone get in contact with McCullough Law? McCullough: The website is forth coming, but the office phone is: 901-795-0050 or email Attorney McCollough was our special guest at our last Network 2 Net worth Business Mixer. Network 2 Net worth Business Mixer Powered By Black Market Straegies March 15, 2012 @ El Patio Mexican Grill 3954 Austin Peay Hwy Featured guest Scottie Lackland, Asst. Vice President Regions Bank April 19, 2012 @ El Patio Mexican Grill 3954 Austin Peay Hwy Featured Guest Ted Townsend, State of TN Economic & Commu- nity Development