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I T ’ S A LL A BOUT R ALEIGH -F RAYSER -N ORTH M EMPHIS P AGE 15 Who is being held Accountable for... Written by Tia Berry We’ve all seen them...eye sores in the community, abandoned houses that are not being maintained. With housing market sales still at a low these unattended properties make it even harder for homeowners that are trying to sell. Local homeowners are furious that no one is doing anything to have these abandoned homes removed or to have the homeowners held accountable. The sad truth is that some of the owners are absentee speculators who thought they would take advantage of the housing slump and make investments in Frayser properties that would pay off later. That payoff for some is yet to come. In the interim, they have left these abandoned properties to rot like a cancerous canker in the Frayser area. To some, Frayser is considered a high crime area. To others it is home with pockets of criminals causing a black eye on the community as a whole. With a high level of free and reduced lunch students and other low income families, these neighborhoods tend to take the backseat to other more affluent communities. But, just like other more prominent neighborhoods these local residents are concerned. Especially for those few that are right in the backyard of Westside Elementary and Middle Schools. Parents raise concerns for the safety of their children as they walk to and from school. “It’s easier to turn a blind eye and continue to do nothing about the situation until it gets worst or someone get hurt,” says a concerned neighbor. Recently, Frayser and another community received federal funds for neighborhood revitalization. The grant is to help distressed neighborhoods. In a release Steve Lockwood, Executive Director of Frayser Community Development Corporation stated that “It is critical that Frayser have a master plan and vision of where we want to go.” Ultimately, the homeowners are responsible for the maintenance on these houses so maybe harsher punishments should be in place for homeowners. But guess what, in a lot of cases, the banks are the owners. If you are a resident and have an abandoned house in your neighborhood you should contact the city and file a complaint with Code Enforcement because the majority of these properties are in violation under Article 4 Section 48-87, Section 48-89, and Sections 48-91 thru (Continued from page 8) before receiving the necessary treatment. Once placed in treatment youth will spend another 4-10 months receiving treatment until placed back with the family or into a foster home.