DEAR READER, Friends, unfortunately, our time together is almost over. It has been such a great pleasure to listen to your stories and delve into various aspects of life. Nevertheless, before we part ways, I would like to talk to you about solitude and togetherness. At a time where movement has been restricted more than ever before, many of us have found miscellaneous ways to entertain ourselves. Yet, the inability to be with friends or family has sent some of us in deep moments of solitude and lonesomeness. Looking out the window, a deserted city is all you see; the paving stones of the streets, scalding hot, where no one dares to set foot. At night, the window is open again, lights on, little yellow squares start appearing in the dark grim horizon. Tiny people in tiny boxes, all trying to get through this together. Suddenly, an indistinguishable silhouette chants, “you are not alone”. Others join, creating a harmonious melody that travels with the wind, great acts of togetherness spring, creating a spark of hope amidst this dark time. The lights fade away. You close your window, close your eyes, and hope that tomorrow, when you open your eyes and open your window, everything would have been just a dream. For some, home is another person. Just like how some people have bonded and discovered new things about their loved ones, others have come to learn that solitude is their best friend. Indeed, some of us were compelled to find ourselves. Immersed in our own company we begin an epiphanous journey of selfexploration, and perhaps when this is all over, we might even be taken aback; it might take us a while to adjust to the normal course of life. Nonetheless, everything that occurs in our lives carries great wisdom on its back. Perhaps it was time to revalue our choices, to cherish our connections and our relationships, or come to a better understanding with our inner-self. You and I both know that life moves on and what were once little bits of life that we took for granted will become ones that we appreciate the most; the sunshine, the fresh air; the water glistening when you are walking by the shore; the trees as green can be; getting lost under their shadows in the pathless woods; the feeling of a warm embrace when parting ways at the airport, and once again when you find your way back to one another. Ah friends, what a year this has been! The ups and downs, the twists and turns - these are what makes life a little bit less boring. So, for the last time, go ahead and sift through these pages, as I leave you with tales of ones who have learned more about their loved ones and those who have discovered themselves. Editor's Note Yours truly, Maria Belhaddad EDITOR, IT MAGAZINE IT Magazine / June Issue 6