W O R L D E N V I R O N M E N T D A Y Insomnia An article by: DHUNGANA, Parbat 00:47, I woke up to a chirping of house sparrows. I could not sleep, as they continued. A question emerges from my thoughts, what could be so demanding that made them wake up at night? My thoughts continue; maybe the birds slept during the day! How is it possible? Oh! Perhaps, it was revenge… We became rowdy last night and disturbed the birds with our socialising; or maybe they could not sleep as my outdoor lights lit their tree-home all night. Neither are they sick nor are there any predators in this area. No, this could not be! Possibly, the birds desperately want to live in freedom, so they learnt human behaviour. But, can they do so? Who can convince the house sparrows, that their practice to freedom should have boundaries? Do they know that this behavioural transformation is taking them away from the organic system? This phenomenon is going to disturb all in this green planet. My friend sleeping on the bed next to mine also woke up by the chirping. When I shared my insights to him, he said, “most animals in the world have insomnia.” Before I knew it, he was already snoring before I could question him. Even though, in essence, I am an animal, I do not like to be called so. If all beings on this planet have malfunctions, how can we expect to have a great morning and a good day ahead? Oh, mother nature! I want to rediscover myself together with you and your diverse ecosystem. I fell asleep, no insomnia, goodnight! IT Magazine / June Issue 33