A R T I S T S ' S T U D I O I am never alone A drawing by: LU, Zhi Yu, Gigi That is a person with a luggage on the ground. She is struggling on her own and she represents a lot of people who are out on their own. For their own ideals, for the wishes of their families, a person left home to go to the big city. Just like myself, I came to Hong Kong to study alone. With no friends or family around, you have to deal with everything yourself. On the other side, are her family members. They are always behind her. For me, my family is not only my economic pillar, but also my spiritual one. When I cry, my family lends me a shoulder to cry on. When I fall down, they would reach out their hands to help me get back up. When I fail and have nothing, they are still willing to accept me and love me more. So I am not alone at any time. Because my family is always protecting me and pay close attention to me , they are doing their best to encourage me to pursue my dreams. IT Magazine / June Issue 26