Q U A R A N T I N E S T O R I E S are hindering their way of thinking and acting. If we think profoundly, our children are the reflection of ourselves. When I see any competitive nature in my children, I try to revise my actions first before approaching them. I planned to flourish their thankful attitude by practising it regularly. I have been encouraging my boys for thanking their father as he is the most affectionate soul in the world. I remind the boys to thank their auntie for taking care of them and for nurturing them. I have prepared a schedule to convey gratitude to their grandparents by thanking them every week as they are the most loving grandparents in this world. The boys have been passing their appreciation to their friends during the zoom playdates. I observed they have started to cherish small things in their life rather than complaining. It takes only a few seconds to thank someone, but the power of thankfulness is astounding. In conclusion, staying at home and social distancing are the new norms of life. Sometimes it might be challenging to cope with new standards. To make the very best of it we must encourage ourselves to spend quality time with our loved ones. Spending quality time with our children is the best way to connect with them. As parents now it is our opportunity to enlighten their thinking with compassion, empathy, and love. IT Magazine / June Issue 21