C H E C K I N G - I N W I T H T H E I T S Goodbye messages from the IT team NGUYEN, Nathan From the United States of America My time here at Education University has gone by so quickly. It felt like just a week ago that I flew into Hong Kong airport and moved into Robert Black Hall, somehow communicating with my taxi driver, despite myself not knowing any Cantonese and him not knowing how to speak English or Putonghua. Today, I am just realising that I have only a month left as an International Tutor. The experience I have had here is irreplaceable. Being able to join a wonderfully diverse team of International Tutors with such unique personalities and perspectives has helped me feel at home so quickly. The students, who have been so eager to learn and grow, have likewise inspired me in my own pursuit of knowledge. We have entered several difficult situations together over this past school year, but I am so thankful to have been in Hong Kong through it all. I wish my students the utmost success in their future goals, whatever they may be. I will never forget the precious time we all had together in Hong Kong. IT Magazine / June Issue 10