DEAR READER, Every end unravels a new beginning, and with every new beginning, unfolds a long breath-taking journey; a journey full of exploration, excitement and self- discovery. Our journey, my friend, begins  with the new academic year. Once again, we find ourselves on campus, having left behind all those long summer nights, the sun, the beach and fun. Nevertheless, the future holds endless possibilities; the leaves, slowly turning brown, the wind, whispering, reminding us that a new season is coming.  For some of us, being on campus is a new life chapter, while for others, it is almost the end of that same chapter. But that, my friend, is what brings us together. Every day you open your eyes, and there it is, a new day, a new beginning. A chance to pursue your passions, to follow your dreams, to strive for excellence, or perhaps, to simply remain lost, wandering in this big world, trying to figure out who you are and who you want to become. Eventually, that feeling of achievement will come from the journey itself, the path you have walked, the choices you have made, the opportunities you held onto and those you have let go.   New beginnings are powerful indeed. Between the warships of letting the familiar go, the eagerness to try something new, and the anxiousness of taking that leap of faith and embracing a new challenge. They can be daunting, yet once that first step is taken they can be the most inspiring journey that shapes us into what we are and what we aspire to be. So now I leave you with this issue, discussing beginnings, ends, and the journey in between. Editor's Note Yours truly, Maria Belhaddad EDITOR, IT MAGAZINE IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 7