TRAVEL TALES In life, we always tend to set boundaries and limits for ourselves. “I cannot do this. I cannot do that.” Honestly, no one knows where they could end up. I have never imagined that I would run my first and full marathon in Kazakhstan. I have never thought I would ride horses and eat them afterwards, that I would ride a motorcycle off-road and get my chin stitched for that, that I would love Georgian food, and mostly, that I would meet so many good friends throughout this journey. Communications Team. With no prior experience or knowledge, he always doubted himself in terms of what he could contribute. He always thought he should belong to the education team instead because of his educational background. However, he thought it might be also a good start for him.  He is only 20, limiting his potential this early may be a bit pathetic. After that, he simply took away that thought and tried to be more receptive towards any tasks, big or small. During this ‘beginning’, I really learned a lot of things outside of my field of study. I have learned how to design and maintain a website, how and when to express my opinions and ideas and how to socialize with strangers. I know my strengths and weaknesses better.  Without this beginning, I would have never known that I could achieve this much. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 30