TRAVEL TALES A New Beginning An article by : LIU , CHI YIN HENRY I am Henry, a Year 4 Bachelor of Education (English Language) student. If I had not taken a gap year, I would have had the same life as you do in Hong Kong now (studying, tutoring and hanging out with friends). Instead, I simply ditched everything that I had in Hong Kong and started a new beginning in Kazakhstan as a United Nations Volunteer for UNICEF. Before I made this move, all of my friends were criticising my decision. They were saying, "Why don’t you go on this volunteer programme after your graduation?" "You are going to miss a lot." Honestly, I struggled a lot before I came here. I was thinking whether I would be able to catch up with my studies. I had doubts about my determination to go away for a semester. I was scared that I would have to build everything up once again after I come back.  IT Magazine / Occtober Issue Starting a new beginning is always scary and intimidating. During those days, there was a devil telling me, "If I don’t go now, I would probably never have the opportunity to do so after my graduation." Despite all these uncertainties, I waywardly bought a one-way ticket to Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan, not even knowing when I will be coming back. Before coming to Kazakhstan, I had never heard of this place. I did not even know that it is a Central Asian country though I was a Geography student in high school. At the end of the flight, I looked through the window and that was the very moment when I knew, this was my new beginning. When I was waiting to pick up my luggage, a Hongkonger immediately spotted me   (perhaps I have a typical Hongkonger look) and we had a small talk. He wondered why I came here and he said he rarely saw Hongkongers coming over here. 28