TRAVEL TALES The Mirror of History An article by : YU , WING HA IRIS What do you think about this place? Isn’t it awesome? Don’t you want to go inside? This is Auschwitz, one of the biggest concentration camps in Poland. It is estimated that at least 1.1 million people died in this concentration camp. The concentration camp has now become a museum to demonstrate the history of World War II and the suffering of its victims. Although I have read a lot of information on the internet, stepping inside the camp was another feeling. The slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” was written at the entrance, which means “work sets you free”. We all know that it was not true, but some of the inmates truly believed it, and later on, they found themselves in desperate straits. This slogan gave the inmates hope and dashed. Inside the museum, there were a lot of photos and items such as clothes, shoes, showing the life of the inmates. All the rooms and the exhibitions made me grieve and shudder. However, the most stunning part of the visit was walking inside the gas chambers and seeing a mountain of Zyklon B cans (the gas that kills inmates) in the room. Walking around the camp, I could imagine the life of the inmates, but in fact, their life must have been full of desperation and definitely much harder than what I had imagined.  After the visit, I think that we should treasure the peaceful world that we currently have and try to keep it safe and in peace. Some people may think that the World War was just something that happened in the past and it would not happen again. But I think that if we do not learn from history, history may repeat itself. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 27