TRAVEL TALES Hidden Beauty An article by : LIU , FANGMING MILLIE Despite having visited Hong Kong several times in the past, I have never had the chance to explore many local tourist sites and enjoy Hong Kong’s amazing combination of mountains and sea. But that has finally changed. On the 31st of August, SAO organised a trip to the Big Buddha and Dai Ao, and I am extremely glad that I joined in.  While it was rather humid and hot, the fishing village was very interesting. I saw different kinds of dried fish that I had only seen on television, and it was my first time to ever visit such place. Even though the streets (almost alleys) were narrow and cramped, the residents were very positive. They have decorated their houses with plants and flowers. Their stores, though small, were tastefully furnished and nicely arranged, and although there was hardly enough room for all the shops and homes, they have even managed to squeeze in a school. I guess that it does not matter where you are or how difficult your situation is, you can always find beauty in the simplest things with the right attitude, even something as simple as dried fish on a straw sieve. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 26