TRAVEL TALES It's more than teaching by : ZOU , XIANGXIANG SUNSHINE The last section of a three-day workshop that I took part in was to visit the Hong Kong Museum of History, starting at 15:40.  We arrived quite early, at about 14:40. I expected that Dr. Eric Chong, the teacher in charge of this trip, would just let us wander around to kill the hour. However, he seemed to never let go of any chance to “teach”, as a result of which, we ended up taking a fresh look around Tsim Sha Tsui under his elaborate guidance.  The weather outside the air-conditioned room was pretty hot, especially for Dr.Chong, who was wearing a jacket during the entire tour.  When we entered the museum, I noticed that other tourist groups were guided by some specific commentators, whereas, Dr. Chong chose to elaborate on Hong Kong’s history for us by himself.  A sense of respect spontaneously arose, motivating me to listen and learn more attentively. I expected the trip to be cozy and relaxing, but because of Dr.Chong's attention to detail and knowledge it was enjoyable. What impressed me most is the spirit reflected by the teachers of EdUHK: they are doing this not only out of the responsibility of being a teacher, but also, and most importantly, out of conscientiousness. Prior to being a responsible teacher, they are firstly being a responsible person, no matter how big their achievements are.  What an encouraging starting point for my future study!   A promising future is coming around the corner! IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 25