FILM CRITIQUE producing more superhero films. However, the failure of Justice League The photography, music, performance are all very good." and Suicide Squad, proves that the route of imitating the Marvel universe is not suitable for DC. On the other hand, from the success of Aquaman and Wonder Woman to The Joker which won The Golden Lion Award, we can acknowledge that DC needs to take a different path, From the judges' comments, we can see the real significance of the film and even surreal influence of its protagonist. Its plot, combined with excellent filming, will undoubtedly push the film to a whole new level. This is also a new beginning for actor to who was casted to bring out its own style. Thus, the future of DC lies in using its own strengths and uniqueness to compete in the film play the role of The Joker. We all know that Heath Ledger has succeeded in shaping the famous villain in Nolan’s industry Some judges had several comments regarding the award that the film has received. According to Mary Harlan: "The Joker's comics have been around for many years, but the kernel is also very suitable for the moment. We gave The Golden Lion, there is no way to recognise this wonderful performance, but the overall content of the movie is very good." Additionally, Lucrecia Martel stated: "The protagonist of The Joker is version of The Dark Knight, and hence, won the 81st Oscar for Best Supporting Actor with his amazing performance which is the most prestigious award in the Superhero Film Performance category. There is even a saying that goes, "No Joker after Heath Ledger ." Facing such high expectations, the “New Joker”, Joaquin Phoenix is under a lot of pressure despite having won Best Actor award at two major film festivals. Many sources claimed that Joaquin has made a not a human being, but an entire social system, and it is not only about the United States, but also about the world.  lot of preparations to play the role. Can he bring a new version of The Joker? Let us wait and see! IT Magazine / Occtober Issue and 24