FILM CRITIQUE A large number of explosives and a detonator were placed on each ship, but In other words, he was merely an ordinary person, but the pressure of life each detonator controlled the explosives of the opposite ship, and only one ship could survive before midnight. The decision process of the people on board of the two ships was tense. When the countdown came close to an end, they came down to an agreement where no and society, have caused him to go to extremes. There is a line in the comic book Batman-The Killing Joke that goes, “All it takes is one bad day to reduce the sanest man alive to lunacy”. This line is an accurate portrayal of The Joker, and by giving it some more thought, it may one would push down the detonator, which has caused The Joker’s plan to fail. This was one of the few moving also be a portrayal of many ordinary people like us. On a larger scale, this is also a new moments on The Dark Knight. In the new movie, The Joker is no longer a character who is plotting against Batman, but instead, he has become the protagonist. The whole film describes his experience of turning from start for DC. There has been a saying within the DC universe stating that there are three kinds of people in this world; good people, bad people and The Joker. Despite being the villain in a superhero movie, the public's preference and an ordinary Joker to an extraordinary one. The film focuses on emphasising the changes in his character. The Joker’s reasoning comes from his judgment of the way people experience the world. So, the experience of a person with such crazy logic is hard to imagine. However, according to the setting of the comics, the changes that The Joker goes through are caused by a series of life struggles. obsession with The Joker never stops. Now, The Joker is the first movie with a villain as the main character that has won the most distinguished award at the Art Film Festival. It is not only a victory for the film, but it also proves that DC movies can be different from the systematised process of Marvel. In recent years, DC has been imitating Marvel as it is eager to engage in IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 23