FILM CRITIQUE A New Beginning for a New Hero by : SONG , XIAOJING CAROL Last weekend, The Joker won the Golden Lion Award for Best Film at the On the Dark Knight of The Batman Series, The Joker's crazy theory was 76th Venice International Film Festival. It has become the first film adaptation of a superhero comic book to ever win three top awards in Europe. It is surprising but also expected; the fact that a comic book superhero movie won this award for the first time is a surprise indeed, it is, rather obvious; he strongly believes that the more people go through a series of negative stimuli, they would gradually start renouncing their own principles and become crazier with every little push. This theory is portrayed through various scenes in the film; for instance, however, an expected result due to the character of The Joker himself as well as the core essence of the movie that goes far beyond the comics. This film is not only a new beginning for The Joker and his spiritual awakening as a protagonist, but also for the cinematographic direction that future DC movies will be taking. This new film offers a refreshing take on The Joker as a character. The Joker’s most typical characteristic is madness, or so it appears to be. In fact, under that crazy clown mask of his, lies a peculiar ideology that he strongly when The Joker has lured several gangsters wearing clown masks and told them to rob the mob's bank then kill their accomplices so they could get more money. Those who were hesitant were immediately killed by their accomplices, and because The Joker himself was the most decisive in his process, he was the only one to survive. The Joker often uses human nature’s weakness to make complex choices, and one of the most wonderful scenes that showcases this was that of the dilemma of the two ships. On board of one ship, were ordinary people, and on another believes in. one, were prisoners and criminals. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 22