VIEWS & REVIEWS Dark Matter By: Blake Crouch A review by : Limburg , Lauren Elizabeth Sometimes new beginnings come in the middle of your life, when regrets have begun to pill up, and that is the case for Jason. After meeting up with a colleague that won an award that Jason could have won, if he had never married his wife or never had a kid, Jason begins to wonder who he could have become. In a twist of fate or a twist of physics, Jason is kidnapped by a man that appears to know everything about him. This man forces him into a black box in an abandoned warehouse and when Jason wakes up he finds himself in a completely different reality: a new life he had only dreamed of. Dark Matter is a gripping tale of time and the moments that define us. As Jason gets closer to the truth, readers reflect on their own lives and the decisions we made that led us to the person we are today. Sometimes without knowing it, we are exactly where we want to be in life. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 19