VIEWS & REVIEWS My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry By: Fredrik Backman A review by : Limburg , Lauren Elizabeth This book, originally in Swedish, tells the heartbreaking and heartwarming tale of a young girl, Elsa, asked to do the impossible: deliver the news of her grandmother’s death to people Elsa had judged a long time ago to be weird, mean, and reclusive. Oh and she has to give them a letter her grandmother wrote asking for forgiveness. This book plays on stories within stories and how sometimes we see people differently before we even get to know them. Elsa gets the chance to start over with some of those she had judged too early, giving hope to all of us that we can still start over. Uncovering secrets of those who had lived next to her, Elsa also learns about secrets her own grandmother had hidden away. An incredible book that teaches you it is never too late to begin again and you truly cannot judge others just by looking at them. If you plan to pick up this book, please bring some tissues. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue 18