CHECKING - IN WITH THE ITS Conversational Classes A review by : WU , YANXIN KATE A few weeks ago, I participated in the conversational classes organised by international tutor Maria at the ASLLC. The class activities were full of fun and of great value. Let me tell you some more details. The activities were composed of two parts. The former one was about communication skills. The class started with the introduction of the tutor and all students, which enabled us to get to know each other better. Then, a guessing game followed the introductions. Each team had to choose one student to guess a random film title while other students verbally described the film without revealing any word from its title. This game has inspired me to watch more movies. There was another guessing game. Its rules were the same as the film-guessing game, but this time we were asked to use body language to describe certain actions. Finally, there was a story-telling game where each one of us had to add a sentence to complete a story. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue The latter one was more exciting. We played a game similar to “Running Man”. We were supposed to find five sites on campus. However, this was not just a sports game; every location had a hidden question and only after we had answered a question, would we get the clue to the next site. This game provided an opportunity for us to get familiar with our campus while strengthening our oral English skills. Unlike formal language skills enhancement courses, these activities are more exhilarating and attractive. It seems like a combination of relaxation, interaction and learning. Furthermore, the activities are of great benefit to students who are a bit shy and not very talkative. They will easily engage in these activities without realising it because they are immersed in the fun which the activities bring to them. Overall, I liked these activities and I would expect you to be fascinated by them too. 13