CHECKING - IN WITH THE ITS Hey, you have all the answers! A review by : ZOU , XIANGXIANG SUNSHINE An English conversational class was delivered by Marcus, an International Tutor from Sweden. This was my first time attending a foreign teacher’s class at EdUHK, therefore I was expecting something different. Marcus used Story Cubes, fun dice with different stick figures on their 6 facets, to keep the lesson rolling. He asked us to randomly throw the Story Cubes and to pick a cube that we thought could: (1) represent us; (2) represent our strength; (3) represent our weakness, and then, share the reason behind our choice with the entire group. IT Magazine / Occtober Issue I found that activity interesting because it seemed that everyone, no matter which stick figure they chose, they could always find a way to explain and justify their choice, making it relevant to own life story. It reminded me of the trick that ANSWER BOOK plays: think of something in your mind, turn to a random page in the ANSWER BOOK, and you will find the answer to what you previously thought of written on that page. It is somehow like the philosophy of life; whatever happens to you totally depends on how YOU explain it or how YOU put meaning into it. YOU have all the “answers” about yourself. It is a new start of my academic year and I believe I will uncover all the answers to my future as long as I try really hard to look for them. 12